The Barns

The grounds of Burlap and Beams contain a gracious farmhouse, a cluster of barns, a babbling brook and a breathtaking mountain. When viewing the property for the first time you can see why the original owners chose this spot to build their lives. The authenticity and charm of these structures has been painstakingly maintained and guarded since 1965.

The property at 242 Cameron Road boasts an interesting history, having served as the site of a tavern, hotel and store under various owners, and later was worked as a farm. The building at the corner of Cameron and Athol Roads seems to have begun with one Guy Brooks.

In 1820, Guy Brooks built what became known as Guy Brooks’ Tavern, described in Brown’s History of Warren County as the first known hotel in Thurman. It was a structure with a great stone chimney and fireplace.

In the 1980s, when it became apparent that water draining off Cameron Road was causing damage to the two southernmost barns, Bill Southwick worked to protect the barns and moved them to their present, drier location.

The main house had been built about 1885 by a man by the name of Hall. Burlap and Beams is located at the site of what is believed to be the earliest hotel in Thurman, NY. The house later became a fine family farm, home to Orley and Susie Needham and their children.

Most recently, it was entrusted to the care of Terri Larson and her family, who lovingly maintain the history of the home while sharing the beauty of the barns for your special day.