Where can my guests stay?

One thing couples find very convenient is our proximity to many towns. Lake George is a 10-minute car ride and you are in Lake George filled with everything you need to make your weekend enjoyable. There are many choices to stay for you and your guests so everyone can choose what’s best for them. Whether you decide on one of the beautiful resorts or choose a quiet cabin on the lake you will have a weekend to remember in the Adirondacks. http://www.lakegeorgechamber.com/lodging/ we are also now renting out the beautiful little cabin right across from our creek from our venue. There is also a huge house that sleeps eleven walking distance from the venue!

Not only are their many places to stay nearby but the restaurants and night life are amazing which makes it a perfect place to go after your reception if you want to keep the party going with all of your friends.

Why do you not host any weddings in early spring?

The weather and seasons in the Adirondacks are quite a bit different from downstate New York. Spring and summer start about three weeks later here, late April and early May typically being the rainiest couple of weeks of the year. That plus all the melted snow from the previous months really makes it our “mud season” and we would not recommend getting married in the area during that time because of this. By mid-May spring has really kicked in, everything has turned lush and green, and it tends to be pleasantly warm and much drier. Unlike New York City, humidity in the Adirondacks is low in the summer because of the high elevation and evenings tend to cool off nicely, even in July and August.

What about weddings in the fall?

We love hosting events in September and early October, but actually don’t book any events at our barn after the third weekend of October. The reason for this is that temperatures start dropping dramatically once the sun sets, whereas in earlier months evenings tend to be very nice. Fall foliage also tends to come to an end by the second week of October up here. You may want to keep that in mind when planning any wedding in the Adirondacks.

Can we tour your property?

Absolutely, we’d love to show you the barn and grounds and encourage a property visit to get a feel for the venue. Just shoot us an email or call, and we’ll set up an appointment. Once we close down at the end of October tours will begin once again at the end of April or beginning of May.

What is the payment policy?

Please contact us for more information.

Do you have a list of recommended vendors?

Yes, please visit our Preferred Vendors page for more information. We have created an extensive list of quality vendors, which we share with all couples who choose our barn for their wedding venue. This list focuses on all local quality specialists, caterers, lodging options, & more and is updated frequently. You can be assured that all our recommendations are based solely on quality and experience – we will never offer or receive referral fees or incentives of any kind in exchange for favorable references.

Is a bonfire always an option?

Bonfires at our place are a favorite, sitting around on our beautiful Adirondack chairs enjoying the beautiful night sky. During drier weather, bonfires require permission directly from the fire department. Because of this, we can never guarantee that a bonfire is a possibility for your event.

Do you offer lodging options?

We are strictly an event location and don’t offer any lodging options ourselves. However, all couples who book a wedding at our place receive our extensive vendor list, which offers many local lodging options in surrounding towns. Accommodations range from B&B’s, hotels and motels to cabins and private home rentals. We encourage couples to share their selection of lodging options with their guests.

What are the minimum & maximum number of guests allowed?

We welcome any smaller party and have no minimum number of guests, but the maximum party size is 185 persons, including children. Unfortunately we cannot exceed this number for any reason.

Does the barn come with tables and chairs?

Yes. Cushioned wooden chairs and hand-crafted farm tables are available to seat all guests for dinner. You may also use our large wooden farm table for your cake or gifts for example, and the property is scattered with a variety of outdoor wooden benches and adirondack chairs.

Where can we have our ceremony if it rains?

If it were to rain, you could have your ceremony in our beautiful barn or our white peak tent. We have also put in a stunning patio under the tent that looks like hardwood flooring so your feet will never get wet from the rain.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, you will never be charged any hidden fees or for any add-ons. Our prices are up-front and include everything we have to offer at no additional cost.