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With a rich history and rustic charm, the property of Burlap and Beams has gone through many phases over the course of its lifetime, from a family farm, to a tavern, hotel, and even a store. The farm has evolved over the years as each generation has made its own mark here.

Today, the grounds of Burlap and Beams contain a gracious farmhouse, a cluster of barns, a babbling brook and a breathtaking mountain. It was in 2012 that current owner Terri Larson made the plunge to start the farm wedding business and to transform the barn to what it is today. Born and raised in a little town in VT, Terri moved to the Adirondacks 12 years ago. When she found the farm house, barns, and mountain with all the history it holds, she immediately fell in love and knew she had to have it. Burlap and Beams has since become a precious, cherished part of the Larson family.

Terri ,her son, and staff work on tasks, from setting up and moving chairs from the ceremony to the beautiful tent for dinner to parking cars and helping out with grounds work. The family opens up the farm for every couple and their guests like they would their own home and Terri particularly loves watching the bride and groom when they first reveal themselves on their special day. It is a beautiful & cherished moment, bringing a new experience at every wedding. The property is maintained with love and care, which is reflected in the beautiful surroundings. With a love for the land and people, hosting weddings is a perfect fit for Terri and her family. They will guide you through every step of the process and are the one answering your emails, giving you a tour, cutting the grass, planting flowers, and setting up chairs – all in preparation for your special day.