“We chose Burlap and Beams for obvious reasons – the venue is stunning. We wanted to do something different, not your regular wedding hall venue. We didn’t want a ‘just add water’ wedding; we wanted to piece it together ourselves. And your venue allowed us to do that. It was special for me to get married with the three sisters behind us, the same backdrop that I grew up with. We know how beautiful the location is and we knew it would blow people away. Scott is from downstate, Rockland County, about 40 minutes north of the city. Luckily for us, his family grew up vacationing in Lake George, so we knew your venue was perfect for us for those reasons alone. My immediate family were the only people who didn’t have to commute for our wedding. Trekking everyone up to the mountains could have been a problem; we were concerned that asking our guests to travel upstate when they are on Long Island or city slickers (ha!) would be an issue. But Burlap and Beams is so accessible – a quick scenic ride right off 87N. Everyone stayed in Lake George, a painless drive from the venue, where there was ample parking. Our guests had a great time in Lake George on Friday night before the wedding and Saturday night after the wedding…especially the young people. Everyone felt like they had a mini vacation! With B&B, we aren’t asking our guests to travel out of their comfort zones. It was remote enough where you can unplug but you don’t feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Also, being so close to Warrensburg or Lake George, guests have more options of where to stay or what to do for fun on their free time. The further north you travel, the fewer options you have. You have trusted vendors, Terri. Everyone we worked with had nothing but wonderful things to say about you. I felt confident working with you and the vendors who were well versed in your venue. Relationships were already established and they already knew how to work your barns, which meant that we didn’t need to worry or think twice. Oh, and not to mention the love and care you put into your venue. I am jealous of anyone getting married after us because each year, you add something more beautiful than the year before! That is part of what makes it so unique; it is ever-changing. Not one wedding is the same. Every couple brings different elements to the table and every wedding looks different than the last. You aren’t just swapping out linen colors. The barns and the field are the beautiful constants that keep couples coming to you. If a bride is looking for a unique venue where she will truly have a one of a kind wedding, it is at Burlap and Beams. This is such an advantage because who wants to have a wedding like everyone else?”